To assess the current condition of your musculoskeletal system, we use a comprehensive functional diagnostic approach that allows us to identfy the causes and the mechanics of the pain you are experiencing. Detailed case history and results of the condition assessment are basis for developing a therapy program that will help eliminate pain and discomfort. Our goal is to detect underlying causes for injury, educate our clients and help them along the road to full recovery.


Rehabilitation from Back Injuries

Based on the detailed diagnostic condition assessments, we identify underlying causes and mechanisms on the back pain, and together with you devise your rehabilitation program. The objective is to, through education and training, help you eliminate bad habits, unlearn incorrect movements and establish optimal biomechanical control without pain, using science-based, clinically-proven techniques developed by Dr. Stuart McGill at University of Waterloo, Canada.


Individual Training Sessions

With particular emphasis on correct movement and injury prevention, we strive to provide you with all the tools you need to achieve your optimal physical condition through exercise, while keeping you healthy and free of injuries.

We develop personalized exercise plans and programs based on the posture assessment and the physical ability testing.


Trail Running

Trail running is challenging for everyone, be it beginners or experienced outdoor runners. This type of running is more exciting and demanding due to the varied conditions and ever-changing terrain, which requires high concentration and focus with every step.

Functional assessment is the first step in devising a tailored approach for your trail running program. Personalized plan and training program will ensure the volume and intensity of the program are matched with your ability and current physical condition.

With this approach, every step you take will be strong and stable, it will allow you to improve and enjoy both the progress you are making and the open spaces you are running through without injuries.