To assess the current condition of your locomotor system, we apply a comprehensive functional diagnostics approach that allows us to identify the mechanics and the causes of pain. A detailed case history and the analysis of results obtained will help us in devising a therapy program which will help you get rid of pain and distress. Our goal is to detect the issue, educate and help our clients on their path to recovery.

Spine Rehabilitation

After a detailed diagnostics, we identify the underlying causes and mechanisms of pain and, based on the results obtained, we jointly devise your rehabilitation program. The objective is to, through education and training, help you eliminate bad habits, unlearn incorrect movements, and establish optimal biomechanical control without pain, using science-based, clinically proven techniques developed by Dr. Stuart McGill.

Prevention and Rehabilitation of Locomotor System Injuries

A comprehensive approach enables us to take care of the preservation, strengthening and recovery of your musculoskeletal system.
Prevention is key to risk reduction of injuries to the locomotory system. With an individually tailored program of exercises and training, we will improve mobility, stability, and muscle strength.
In case of injuries, we will provide a complete rehabilitation plan. Starting with a detailed assessment of your condition, we will create a personalized exercise and therapy program to help you regain functionality. We will use the latest therapeutic techniques to help you return to normal daily activities more quickly and safely.

Prenatal Workout

With the latest findings in the field of prenatal exercise, we enable mothers-to-be to feel strong, confident, and prepared for the arrival of a new family member.
We put safety first, so you should always consult your doctor before starting our program.
Should you be diagnosed with pregnancy-related musculoskeletal problems, such as back and pelvis pain, our customized program will help you to keep exercising and stay active.
We adapt exercise to each stage of pregnancy and to individual needs, helping you maintain strength, mobility, and aerobic abilities, with special emphasis on proper breathing, strengthening and relaxing pelvic muscles, and on body awareness.

Postpartum Rehabilitation

Pregnancy and childbirth can take a big toll on your body. Knowing how and when to safely reintroduce exercise can play a big role in your recovery.
Postpartum rehabilitation program includes personalized exercises that help in the recovery of conditions such as DRA (diastasis rectus abdominus), pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.
Whether you had a vaginal, Cesarean or assisted birth, we will help you in your recovery and return to exercise or activity.

Individual Training Sessions

With particular emphasis on correct movement and injury prevention, we strive to educate you in achieving optimal health state through health-directed physical activity.
Sitting for long periods, poor body posture habits and insufficient daily movement may lead to problems in locomotory system functioning.
Based on the posture assessment and the motor testing, we create an individualized exercise plan and program aimed at correcting postural deficiencies and at increasing the ability to perform daily activities.