Price list

Assesmentper hour70,00 €
Consultation50,00 €
Kinesitherapy60 min60,00 €
Kinesitherapy – online60 min55,00 €
Individual Training Session60 min50,00 €
Individual Training Session - online60 min45,00 €
Training program100,00 €
Sports and medical massage - partial30-45 min40,00 €
Sports and medical massage75 min55,00 €
Kinesiotape60 min15,00 €

Terms of Service:

  • During the first visit, the User is obliged to sign the agreement with the General Terms of Business and the Declaration on the collection and use of personal data.
  • The payment method comprises a transaction payment to the business account of Cinthera.
    If you are unable to attend the scheduled session, kindly let us know at least 12 hours in advance. You will be charged the full price of the service for any untimely canceled session.
  • Usage of own towels and clean sportswear during training or therapy is mandatory.